5 Best JavaScript Testing Tools for Web Developers


JavaScript testing provides multiple benefits like it makes code easy to understand and helps in generating the desired output. Although there is an array of choices to unit test a piece of code that ultimately helps in saving the web development time. We are providing a comprehensive list of JavaScript testing tools to test your scripts.

Jasmine is an important JavaScript unit testing frameworks that can test both asynchronous and synchronous JavaScript code. It find application in BDD (behavior-driven development) programming that is  business value oriented than technical details. It provides  long term stability, and  support.

QUnit best suits implementation of Test Driven Development (TDD) in JavaScript on behalf of it’s clean design and superior implementation. It can test any generic JavaScript code. It also allows developer to  write tests without Bundler involvement.

Mocha has a built-in test runner. It extends support for testing asynchronous methods using the done() function. It not only has simple set up but supports use of any assertion library to throw exceptions in case of  failure. As it runs independent of assertion library hence, a developer is free to choose an assertion format that suits him best.

Tape is a node modules that let developers write tests that output results in the TAP protocol. It is a straightforward TAP-producing test library for node and browsers. CI support, Cross browser compatibility and Easy setup are some of the key features of  Tape.

Karma allows the running of source code against real browsers with the CLI. A powerful feature is it runs over real browser instead of virtual DOM. This feature ensure correctness. It is highly extensible with easy asynchronous testing and provide CI support.

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