HTML CSS and JavaScript tools and libraries for Productivity Boost


Front end development is not that straightforward which can be mastered in a tricky manner. Release of useful tools and resources has made it quite easy to master the art of Front end development. These improve our skills to elevate the performance level.

Below is the list of useful HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources to consider for smooth Front end development and skill enhancement.

HTML and CSS Tools

An excellent to create customizable template that is based on HTML5 Boilerplate. You have to decide either you require sample content, choose between JavaScript and jQuery, and eventually specify your compatibility and server configuration requirements. A template will be provided based on key features of Boilerplate to initiate the next project.

2.Mobile Boilerplate
Do you require a template that creates rich mobile Web applications. It is consistent with cross-browser for all top notch smartphones and support also.

A tool to reload the style sheet (not the HTML) of  web page in every browsers which further can be configured for auto reload of the page in multiple browsers simultaneously. It will run your website self local server instead of hosting it. Simply install NodeJS and npm to use it.

It is actually a bookmarklet that enables you to test various font stacks and find the best result. It will scan entire CSS on the page to create a clone page to test and further analyze different fallback fonts.

JavaScript Tools

5.Modernizr 2
Modernizr is a very popular and open-source JavaScript library quite useful in development of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites. It is useful to  combine feature detection with media queries and conditional resource loading which empowers you with flexibility to optimize for every situation.

If you have been looking for a jQuery plug-in for responsive layouts that are also capable of displaying text to fit the parent element then it should be your choice. It is also equally best option to create headlines that suits all ranging from small mobile device to even a huge desktop display.

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