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Easy and Fast Billing

Our software is mainly focus on how easy and fast billing can be. we have adopted the modern design concept to make it lighting fast and easy to learn.

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Menu Management

Our Software have powerful admin panel where restaurant owners can easly create, manage & update menu items & their pricing.

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Order Management

Our software have all the feature you will need from order management software, While customer is seating at table and keep track of there bills.

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Taxation & GST friendly

You dont have to worry about service tax, various VATs. This software take are of all that with custom opt-in/out option.

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Backup and Restore

Software have an backup & restore option where you can take backup of your current data & restore it whenever you want.

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Free Maintenance and Support

Our support team is available whenever you need them. Our support ninjas shoot troubles lightning fast.

Get The Invoice Easy Way

Easy Invoice Invoice is trouble for small restaurants as well as big restaurants. Because need to verify all all orders once again and also cross check the price of ordering items. Restro App provides you a easy way to generate the invoice. No more cross check the customers orders and no more cross checking with price of items. Restro App helps you to maintain all information of orders and provide you perfect invoice along with the customer details.

Easy way to make new reservation

Choose the digital way to maintain the booking records For small or big restaurant & hotels it's a challenging task to book table for their customer and maintaining the records. Each time maintain booking register or some dairy for keep the information. But while using Restro app you can book the table and maintain the booking records easily.

Easy Way To Bring Order

Unique way to place an order of customers Restro App provides you very unique way to add new order of customers and you can also change to quantity of the order as per customers requirements. So kick the traditional way of add order and Step up with new digital way to placing order and make your business easier right away.

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